Cantaloupe & Coco Milk Slushy

We bought cantaloupes from Costco meaning, it was too much for just 2 people… hahaha. Just thought to cut the rest of the cantaloupes into cubes and freeze them so we can make slushies or shakes. This is pretty simple and definitely will enjoy it on this hot weather. Ingredients: frozen cubed cantaloupe melons 1 can … More Cantaloupe & Coco Milk Slushy


Bulletproof Coffee

I am sure some of you guys had heard of Bulletproof coffee or Whole Foods calls it “Mammoth or Caveman Coffee.”  It was once a huge diet fad because replacing breakfast with this will suppress hunger for 6-8 hours and will give you high energy.  If you also drink it every day it “supposedly” will help you … More Bulletproof Coffee

Bistek Recipe

Bistek is a beef dish that is cooked with soy sauce, calamansi or lemon juice & lots of sliced onions.  It’s one of my go to dishes if I don’t want to spend too much time chopping or cooking in the kitchen.  It is best eaten with steamed rice or in my case, quinoa. Ingredients: … More Bistek Recipe