Hi, my name is Mel and thank you for visiting my blog site named Cillabelle.

I am a foodie, loves to cook, bake, travel and entertain my family & friends.

I am into trying new food & drink trends but will only showcase in this site the ones I really like & truly believes in.

With my cooking and baking, I try to turn a “not-so-healthy dish” into a “better-for-your-body” eats by mainly using organic ingredients and changing the bad contents with better alternatives.

I also love to travel locally & internationally to check out beautiful sceneries, people, art cultures and yes, Food.

I am not a professional writer and this site is mainly for sharing my recipes, travel tips & destinations and food finds.


Links:  Instagram- mel.of.cillabelle     /  facebook page – Cillabelle   /  



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