Epicurean Picks

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  • When I travel, I usually just bring a carryon and a backpack so I do not have to check-in luggages. Unless I bought some unique things, then I will check it in going home. Also, I usually do not bring toiletries or minimize it only down to my toothbrush because it provides more luggage space and you can just simply buy toiletries to where you are going. Other option too is getting samples of your favorite lotions, shampoo or conditioner from Kiehls, Sephora, L’Occitane or any of your favorite make-up stores which usually packed in sachets.

My Travel Picks:

Audio Connect Wireless – this is in-flight bluetooth wireless transmitter so you can use your own wireless headphones

Backpack Covers – protection for your backpacks that needs to be stored on a dirty floors

Bamboo Comb Set – super lite and great for your hair and scalp

Bladeless Neck Fan – hands-free fan

Compression Packing Cubes – helps saves luggage space

Cough Drops – great to have when going to museums or shows

Deodorant Wipes – travel deodorant wipes

Disposable Shower Caps – for wrapping shoes or anything that needs to be separated from clean clothes or things

Hand Warmers – hand warmers great for traveling in winter season

iPhone 14 promax Privacy Matte Screen – very sleek privacy screen cover

iPhone Case Strap Holder – option 1

iPhone Case Strap Holder – option 2

Phone Crossbody Lanyard or Strap

iPhone 14 Promax Wallet Case – carries the only cards you need

Laundry Soap Sheet – when in need to do laundry

Lite Collapsible Stool – super lite and great for picnics, beaches, concerts, etc…

Men’s Multivitamins – men’s daily multivitamins

Natural Sunscreen Coral Safe – good for skin and snorkeling

Organic Scalp Sunscreen Mist – scalp and hair sunscreen mist SPF 30

Portable Handheld Fan – great when traveling during summer season

Privacy Initial Luggage Tag

Sanitizing Wipes – wipes to sanitize anything you will touch

Sanitizing Spray – safe to spray anywhere and any fabrics

Tea Chamomile Lavender – chamomile/lavender tea to help with sleep

Tea Smooth Move – helps constipation, best taken right after dinner

Toe Warmers – toe warmers great for traveling in winter season

Travel Eye Makeup – my favorite travel eye makeup and easy to pack

Travel Pillow

Travel Towel

Travel Blanket Liner

Travel Disposable Bed Sheets

Travel Selfie Stick and Stand – one is easier to bring around

Travel Backpack – you can carry this and a carryon luggage. no need to check it in

Travel Boots – my all time favorite travel boots

Travel Mini First Aid Kit – mini first aid kit you can just simply hang on your backpack

Travel Refillable Perfume Atomizer Bottle – so you do not have to worry about packing your whole perfume bottle

Travel Sandals

Trail Running Shoes Waterproof – great for long walks for both men & women

UltraPress Water Bottle – travel water bottle press to filter and purify water

Vitamins Wellness Immunity – great for traveling or going out

Women’s Multivitamins – women’s daily multivitamins

World Adapter Kit – for your electronic gadgets