Pacific Bay Coffee Co. – Walnut Creek, CA

I would like to thank the owners, Christopher & Richard for having me over to try out their outstanding coffees.

Pacific Bay Coffee Co. opened in the year 2004 but acquired by Christopher in year 2010.  Every time I drive by this place, it’s always packed by people who you can tell are patrons.  Patrons, like me, that are huge supporters of boutique coffee shops.  I chose to go to these type of coffee shops because each offer their own exclusive flavors….. and not commercialized.

That being said, PacBay Coffee is also the only one in the East Bay that has micro-roastery.  They roast small batches of beans to brew for daily fresh coffee and to sell to local & non-local customers.

Here are the beverages that I have tried:

  1. Cortado – one of their signature hot drinks.  It’s an espresso coffee that mixed with small amount of warm milk to cut the acidity and just enough foam to make some art on it.  It is usually serve in a small clear glass.  It is very delicious.  Very close to drinking a cappuccino yet still different.
  2. Cappuccino – it’s been a while since I had a perfectly made cappuccino.  Their’s so velvety smooth and luscious.  Rich, creamy to dreamy.
  3. Flat White – okay.  not too many baristas can do this right but man Chris knows what he was doing with this one.  He perfected the espresso and the right milk foam ratio on this one.  He made sure to keep the integrity of sweet crema impeccable. I absolutely enjoyed their flat white.
  4. Espresso shot – it was very thoughtful of Chris to make sure I try this one because this is where all the espresso beverages begins.  A proper espresso is the heart of every delectable espresso drinks.  I truly enjoyed this one because it was freshly pulled and had the perfect balance of finely ground coffee extract with golden sweet crema on top.  It was not bitter at all.
  5. 24 hour Ice brewed coffee – okay.  this one is truly extraordinary.  I love the boldness of it and can be drank straight or with any type of milk and honey.  SOLD.

Another thing I like is they have a corner called Slow Bar.  This is where they do the drip coffees.  They even offer coffees to be brewed in siphons.  Unbelievable.  The last time I saw siphons was when I went to Indonesia to try the infamous civet cat poo poo coffee or “Kopi Luwak,” the most expensive coffee in the world.

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I forced myself not to finish all the beverages that Chris made for me because it was already late in the afternoon…. I want to be able to sleep that night. LOL.

I also enjoyed speaking to one of their many patrons who comes there almost everyday or even twice a day because, like me, he’s also a coffeeholic…. meaning, he also know what great, unpretentious coffees are.  He’s name is Sal.  Hi Sal.

Sal has been a patron customer since 2011.  He loves their cappuccino & lattes.  He prefers the textures and pure flavor of PacBay coffees than other coffee shops.  Sal enjoys their customer service as well.

Richard & Sal


This is not your typical new hipster cafes.  The owners are really cultivated and knowledgeable when it comes to coffee beverages.

Simply a coffee shop with a heart.

I highly recommend to try this place out.  This place truly knows how to brew their coffee right.

Triple thumbs up.


Links: Pacific Bay Coffee Co. , Kopi Luwak


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