Coffee Shop- Lafayette, CA

One of my favorite cafes named Coffee Shop opened another branch in Lafayette, CA.  I was fortunate enough to meet the owner and get invited to check it out since I am a regular in their Walnut Creek, CA branch.

The first time I saw this Lafayette branch, I was so impressed.  Such a charming and alluring establishment.  Simply chic and spacious outdoor patio and contemporary yet cozy interior.  A perfect spot to meet a date, group study, play games or work.  Pets are welcome to hang out too.

I was able to try several of their popular & seasonal items.

All of the food and drinks are great but these are some of the “A Must Try” items.

Hot and cold drinks: 

  • Cafe Grumpy’s Tweega Espresso flavored brewed coffee -I rarely drink black coffee but this one I really enjoyed.  It’s delicate yet smooth. No hint of bitterness nor sourness… just smooooooth.
  • Pumpkin Sage Latte (seasonal) – Whoa! What a combo but truly works and really luscious.
  • Apple Pie Latte (seasonal) – A MUST TRY and one of my favorites.
  • Organic Super Green – you can just taste the freshness and natural flavors of the greens and truly a perfect combinations of fruit and veggies.  Perfect drink if you are detoxing.
  • Organic Strawberry Mango Coconut – I enjoyed the natural flavors & freshness of the fruits.
  • Irish Coffee –  Baileys….need I say more?!!!


  • Avocado Smash – toasted sourdough with smashed avocado.  Good LAWD! one of my faves.  Just go there and try it.
  • Asian Chicken – so hip that it is serve in a mixing bowl enough for 2 or 3 peeps… truly succulent and delicious.
  • Croque Madame – ham, béchamel sauce, gruyere cheese & fried egg??? OMG! again, just go over there and try it.

There are so much more to try.  One of the reasons why I am a frequent and rave about this place so much is because everything they have are well-thought of.  Hot/cold food and drinks are equally served thoughtfully and bursting with perfectly blended flavors. Plus, their awesome staff  and their customer service are excellent.

One last yet important thing:


Truly an awesome place.

Thumbs and toes up. LOL!

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Apple Pie Latte Video

Coffee Shop Site

Cafe Grumpy


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