Okane – San Francisco, CA

Right before watching the SF Giants play, we looked around where to eat.  Luckily, we stumbled upon this place, Okane Japanese Restaurant.  We were so hungry and saw this guy by the window eating something looked delicious so we decided to give it a try.  By the way this place is by Townsend and 6th St and if you don’t want to pay for parking to watch the game, this is the area to park…. and if you don’t mind walking for about half a mile.

Anyhoo, this place is a small restaurant and the decors are strong but minimal….(whatever that means…..not in a bad way).  I love the wall of different masks, the fancy little plates & best of all, the customer service.  Great servers catering to your needs and making sure you have plenty of refills and checking up on you to make sure you are satisfied with everything.  They are all also very knowledgeable of what they serve.

Now the food.  This is not your typical Japanese restaurant that can just order “California rolls.”  This is one of those legit fresh seafood sashimi or rolls.  The seafood is so fresh and  it just melts in your mouth.  The prices are not bad at all too for what you get.

Okane is also the latest addition of the Michelin starred, OMAKASE (next door that only sits approximately 12 people).

Jackson, chef/owner and Cindy, manager,  mingled with its customers too which made the whole experience more personal.

I have to comeback to try everything else and I know for sure it won’t disappoint.

I highly recommend this place.  Truly stellar food and service.



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Links: Okane SF



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