Jasmine Garden – San Francisco, CA

One of the restaurants we normally go to in the city is Jasmine Garden.  They serve authentic Vietnamese cuisines.  I love their food and the owner named Kelly is really nice but you will hardly see her out front because she is busy whippin’ up your scrumptious meal.

I also love their food prices.  So affordable. The servings are just right.

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  1. Crunch Roll – my ultimate favorite because of the crunchy pork and fried imperial rolls (egg rolls) inside.  This is a must “EAT!”
  2. Hot & Sour Soup – I like how all the flavors balances.  Not too spicy and not too sour.
  3. Five Spice Chicken – this is a flavorful chicken…. and very yummy.
  4. Garlic Noodle with Shrimp –  We make sure to order it all the time.

Coming back soon to try the rest of the menu.


Links: Tripadvisor Reviews , Yelp Reviews


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