Moscow Mule Cocktail

Been craving for some refreshing cocktails and Moscow Mule came to mind.  I just found out that the very first Vodka used for this drink was by Smirnoff.  Plus, I love how it is served in a copper mug.  As I understood, the copper mug kept the drink cool then it became its trademark.

Anyhoo, it is very easy to make and also if you love ginger or gingerale then this is a drink with a kick that you will enjoy.

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  • A shot or 2 oz. of Vodka (preferably high quality)
  • Ginger beer (premium)
  • 1 Lime
  • Candied ginger for garnish
  • copper mugs or chilled glass


  1. Put ice in the copper mug (halfway to full)
  2. Squeeze 1 lime in it
  3. Pour the Vodka
  4. Top it off with the ginger beer
  5. Garnish with candied ginger & sliced lime
  6. Enjoy.



Links: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Moscow Mule

              The Legend of Moscow Mule



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