Coffee Shop – Walnut Creek, CA

A name that is so literal that will just make you laugh because you thought the person who told you is going there is being a smart@$$… hahahaha.

This is a new hip cafe that I love in Walnut Creek area.  It’s not pretentious and know what they are doing with their hot & cold drinks.

They use different coffee beans from different local roasters such as Sightglass, Fourbarrel in SF, to name a few, and some from out-of-state to support & introduce the unique coffee bean flavors they all offer.

The Coffee Shop also makes their own chocolate & real fruit syrups and constantly creating new kinds to blend with their espressos & lattes.

Eric, the store manager, was kind enough to have me taste few of their top selling hot and cold drinks.

Also, I met the shy but hardworking baristas and would like to do a big shout out for their awesome customer service.

Big kudos to Michelle, Matt, Orlando & Anthony

A big thank you to Eric for giving me so much information about the Coffee Shop, of it being one of the instruments to showcase fine beans from different roasters.

 You are super dope.

I tried…..

  • Irish Coffee – hot house brewed coffee blend with Irish Whiskey and topped with freshly made whipped cream or can sub it with milk foam. Perfect for cold afternoon or evening
  • Mint Mojito – which is not really bad compare to Philz Coffee
  • Raspberry Mocha – this is Eric’s new creation and I totally loved it. A raspberry & Grand Marnier reduce & semi-sweet chocolate syrup with espresso.  You can taste the raspberry, the espresso & chocolate and yet it balanced well together.
  • Coconut Orange Iced Latte – I never thought this combo can go together but they got this right.  Try this hot too and it’s just as good as the iced one.

There are so much more to try.  They serve pastries, teas, fruit drinks, beers & wines too.

If you are in Walnut Creek area, please make sure to stop by.


Link: Coffee Shop Website


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