Pacific Catch Seafood Restaurant – Dublin, CA

This restaurant is a new addition at the newly built Persimmon Plaza in Dublin, CA.

We were looking for place to have some nice starters and cocktail drinks and decided to try this place out.

It has a cool vibe to it as you enter.  Nice size bar on the right and they have a nice outdoor patio perfect for a happy hour hangout.

Love their laid-back menu.  Simple and full of stuff that I really like… different fish tacos, seafood salad & sandwiches, and different kinds of Pokes.

They start you with their sparkling water, edamame beans & crackers to munch on while waiting for your orders.

We ordered the Poke Trio and they are super delicious and tasted very fresh.  Also tried the seafood pancake which was just okay for me and the Korean sticky ribs which was really yummy too.

With these food, we paired it with their Mai Tai’s cocktail drinks and I say it hit the spot hahaha.

For dessert, we tried the Crispy Dulce de Leche spring roll with ice cream and turned out really delicious.

I will definitely come back to try everything else on the menu & I highly recommend this place.


Links: Pacific Catch Website


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