Four Barrel Coffee in San Francisco, CA

Went out with the cousins to food hop on their holiday off.  They decided to try out the Four Barrel Coffee since we are all coffee lovers.

A hip & trendy place. Very simple decors as well.  I very much like how doggies are welcome to hang out as well.

They only have few coffee selections so you are not overwhelmed what to pick.  I tried the almond latte and it was yummy.  It’s smooth and no hint of bitterness.  I really like their pastries selections as well.  My cousin tried the everything croissant thingy & something caramel, hazelnut coffee cake (sorry i forgot the names) and it was yummy.  They mainly roast their own beans there too.

Service was great and very patient for first-timers like us.  Shout out to Hannah, William, Bradley and Annie (i think).  I apologize if I forgot some of the names because I lost the little paper where I wrote it.  I hope they message me to correct it if I got the names wrong.

Click the link below for their information.

Link: Four Barrel Coffee


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