J. Sweets in San Jose, CA

J.Sweets is a little store inside Mitsuwa Marketplace.  First, Mitsuwa Marketplace is a big store that sells mostly Japanese products.  They also have food court inside that serves ramen noodles & different kinds of sushi.  Secondly, J.Sweets sells different kinds of fancy & delicate snacks.  They will give you samples too of these snacks.  They also carry Royce’ chocolate products and for those who knows, these chocolates are really good…. I mean reeeeaaaally good.

Different kinds of mochi are the other thing they sell called MochiCream.  Mochi is made of sweet glutenous rice and filled with sweet bean pastes, sweet fruits or ice cream fillings.  However, the mochis they sell are filled with cream and fruits only.

Now, these mochis only last for a day.  They will give it to you slightly frozen then you have to wait about 10 minutes or so then eat it right away.  If you have to drive far, they will pack it for you with dry ice.  Because I was so intrigued, I bought 4 of their top sellers.  Mango, green tea, raspberry & blueberry.  I say, man it was worth it.  I normally eat mochi ice cream but had never tried these kind before and am glad I did. It was delicious.

Everything I got was neatly packaged and the ones not inside the boxes, pictured below,  are samples to go.  The customer service too was superb.  My kind of place & will definitely come back to try everything else.


Mitsuwa Marketplace

675 Saratoga Avenue

San Jose, CA 95129


J.Sweets – http://www.jsweetsstore.com

References: Mitsuwa Marketplace , J.Sweets


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