Chocatoo – San Jose, CA

I felt like I died and went to sweet heaven.  This place is one of many hidden gems of San Jose, CA.  It is located in downtown inside San Pedro Square Market.

It was great meeting the awesome owner and shared what Chocatoo is all about.  Like me, they care about the high standards, good quality ingredients & making their products with integrity.

Chocatoo only uses one of the finest Belgian chocolates and they make their chocolates on site.  Same as the cookies, baked on site and they just have the right selections of cookies that you do not feel overwhelmed on which one to try.

Wait… I am not done…. they serve very yummy hot and cold beverages too.

Delectable chocolates, freshly baked cookies/pastries and hot/cold beverages …. what more can you ask for.

Here’s what I have tried:

Chocolates – surprisingly not too sweet and you do not get sick of it right away.  It’s not one those that you can only have one bite and feels like your teeth are going to fall off your mouth.  Their chocolates are made for you to not just enjoy one but several of them without getting tired & sick of it right away.  Perfect bite sizes too.  I tried 4 different ones and I still have room to try about… maybe another 4.  Seriously. I am not kidding you.

  • Sea salt caramel – a lovely balance of sweet & salty and very smooth
  • Lavander – a perfect lavender & honey  combo…a must try and my favorite of all
  • Espresso -very yummy & just have the right hint of espresso
  • White choc – oh man, love their white chocolate

*** they can customize chocolate colors and fillings for any occasions ***

Cookies – cookies are also baked on site and can be served warm.  Their cookies are really delicious and another  “must try.” You may also nuke it in the microwave for few seconds when you get home and tastes exactly like it just got out of the oven.

  • S’mores– my actual favorite… dude, I don’t need to explain.  seriously delicious.
  • Triple Chocolate Deluxe – one of the popular ones & truly yummy.
  • S’morcon – S’mores + bacon= OMG!!!!! YES! You gotta try it.  They make their own marshmallows too.

Hot Beverages – I love how their hot beverages are not overly sweet.  It is made carefully to taste every layers and flavors.

  • Mexican Hot Chocolate – oh man.  So far, of all the mexican hot chocolate drink I’ve tasted, by far, this is my favorite.
  • Vanilla Latte – very smooth and velvety foam goodness.


I enjoyed it so much that I am coming back with friends this weekend &  try everything else on the menu.

Truly worth a trip to try this place out.




Links: Chocatoo Website

Instagram: Chocatoo



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