Bravado Italian Coffee Bar & Lounge – San Francisco, CA

Bravado Lounge is one of my top choices of coffee places.  I call it an elegant boutique cafe with a relax feel to it.  AAAAAAAND they are just right across AT&T Ballpark.

I love how the owner, Lee, encourages you to just sit, relax and enjoy your drink as long as you want.  Their exclusive drinks are “a must try.”  It’s hard for me to pick a favorite because honestly I love them all.  Not your typical flavored drinks but it is made with skills and art.  Drinks are carefully made so when you take a sip, it blends well in your mouth.  It sounded dramatic but I kid you not.  It is really yummy.

For their coffee, they mainly use Lavazza coffee beans, which is a very delicious Italian coffee.

The other thing I love about this place is they also serve food, beer and wines.  They have happy hour too.  So if you want to unwind after work with friends or hang out before the game starts… this place is perfect.

The baristas are amazing as well.  I love their customer service.

A big shout out to Shaine, Andy & Jose for working hard & making customers happy even when busy & have long lines.

Here are the ones I have tried & highly recommend:


  • Shakarado – you should watch how they make this.  They use cocktail shaker for this one
  • Chai Latte – one of the best
  • Mokaccino – mocha drink… delicious
  • Paspuccio – milk, choc & caramel…. the way this blend in your mouth is super yummy and not too sweet
  • Flat White – the only one I like in the Bay Area is from this place.


  • Turkey Club Sandwich 
  • Grill Chicken Wrap 

You must check this place out to know exactly what I am talking about.


FYI: You can also rent this place out for a little private event.


Link: Bravado Lounge website , #bravadoloungesf


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