Dandelion Small Batch Chocolate – San Francisco, CA

While walking on our way to eat lunch, we saw their sign and as a chocolate lover, I just had to check it out.  I am glad we did.  They make their own chocolates there but only dark chocolates.  I am not really a dark chocolate lover but cannot resist to try their hot chocolate drink.  It was really yummy.  They make their own marshmallows too.  You may take as much as you want to add in your hot coco.  On the menu, I saw Frozen Hot Chocolate drink as well.  Could be like the one they serve in Serendipity?  I will find out when I come back next time.  They also serve coffee and they get their coffee beans from Four Barrel Coffee Shop.

Chocolate bars, different cookies and pastries that includes their chocolates are the other goodies they offer.  I tried the S’mores, which I did not care for much and the Dulce de leche bar which was really good.

Will definitely come back for their hot chocolate.  If you are a dark chocolate lover, this is your place.


Link: Dandelion Small Batch Choc website



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