El Nido, Palawan in Philippines

My girlfriends and I decided to check out El Nido and as of right now, it’s my number 1 favorite island.  The best thing too was we were on a budget and where we stayed at did not matter at all.  We stayed at Marina Garden Beachfront Inn.  Nothing fancy but really clean and came with breakfast and free wi-fi in able for us to show off all the pictures we had taken. hahaha.

The area we stayed at was by their downtown, I think.  Lots of restaurants and massages parlors.  Lots of tricycles too, waiting to take you around.  We managed to befriended one of the tricycle drivers and hired him for the entire time we were there to take us around.  Very kind man.  Too bad we forgot his name (I will try my best to find it).  He played the role of  a tour guide, bodyguard & most importantly, a photographer…hahhaha.

He took us to Nacpan beach, Las Cabanas beach & the hidden falls that we trekked about over 2 miles to get to.

We tried booking island hopping and snorkeling for about 5,000 pesos but due to the high volumes of waves (which was really nothing compare to our beach waves here in the U.S.), it was cancelled.  It was okay though because we still enjoyed our 4 day stay in El Nido.

To avoid island hopping and snorkeling cancellations, do not go their around January because that was the time we went there.  I believe towards the end of February through April is the best time… if you can stand the summer crowd.

I will, however, come back for sure.


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