Dragon Papa Dessert in Chinatown SF

I have never heard nor seen dragon beard candy until we went to visit my aunt in New Jersey.  She had me try this candies she bought in Hong Kong.

Dragon Beard candy is made of spun sugar formed like a cocoon and in between or inside you’ll find chopped peanuts, pistachio or almonds.

It is very delicate and it was compared to a cotton candy or it’s the cotton candy of China (according to wikipedia).


When we got back home in the Bay Area, I was craving for it and so I decided to google it and to my surprise, there is one in Chinatown in San Francisco.  I was so happy and excited because they also make it fresh on the spot.  The only thing was, they make it with peanuts only in the middle, which is truly fine with me.

It’s a bit tricky to find because it’s such a tiny store.  Just look for the yellow sign with a glass window and an old man wearing a mask making these awesomeness freshly.

So it comes with 8 little pieces for $9.00.  I think it’s worth it.


Dragon Papa Dessert

752 Grant Ave
San Francisco, CA 94108
b/t Clay St & Commercial St
(415) 539-7728


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